Chloe found her forever home!!!

Success! WOW! I am so grateful to ALL of you who helped make this Happen. It got a little dicey there.  I got calls from Arizona, SoCal & NorCal. Had a team of a strong community working their hearts out for this little dog! Thank you and Thank you again!

We found a forever home up in Northern California. Chloe’s new home will be with two women, (a couple) no other animals or kids.  One of her new mom’s is intending to teach her the skills she will need to be a companion dog! This is awesome for Chloe! We are so excited and relieved. They meet on Wednesday Nov 30th!!!!     Peace at last!

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****By the way PETFINDERS-a site that helps place animals, has scammers on the site, saying they will send you money for the your pet to have it shipped to them. Beware of these jerks.

2 Responses to “Chloe found her forever home!!!”

  • Thank you, Michelle! Much Gratitude! And I do know of a Yellow lab that needs to be placed.

  • Michelle Kling:

    FANTASTIC NEWS BARB!!! I sent Chloe’s info to an older couple, friends of mine, in hopes that they would adopt her – but I guess they’re not ready. We’ll keep trying. Let me know if you know of a small yellow lab (I know, they don’t exist) or another yellow lab/mix like Chloe, around 40 lbs – that’s what they want and I’m going to keep trying. They won’t take a dog until after the Christmas holidays due to their grandchildren visiting. Anyway – love to you and HUGE CONGRATULATIONS FOR PLACING THAT DARLING DOG.


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