Life’s Abundance Pet Food

~  is made with select ingredients, including high-quality chicken and catfish meals, groats-digestible-whole grains, nutritious vegetables and fruits, omega fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics and much more.  Life’s Abundance Never use corn or wheat products and never use artificial flavors or colors. This is the main reason Animals have skin allergies, so we have been mindful to eliminate these!

I am very excited about being associated with, Life’s Abundance.  Premium Dog and Cat food, supplements, tasty treats, animal shampoos, pet supplements.  You can buy a Gift Certificate for your family & friends for L.A. products. Great Holiday gifts, special occasion gifts or “just cause”.

Our dog, Kona, loves the food! LOVE- LOVE -LOVE.    She goes crazy over the chewy treat, PORKY PUFFS. They are a chew treat that is completely digestible.

Our food was developed by a Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks.  She observed dogs and cats coming in with allergies and linked it to what they were digesting (or not digesting) in their food.   She over sees the top ingredients and nutrients on a regular basis.  A sample of each batch (that is manufactured in the USA) is keep.

The animals go crazy for it! and their coats and skin will most likely glisten.  Did you know that most skin allergies are attributed to corn and other fillers in the lesser foods? Do you know how to read and trust what is on the package of the food you feed your pet?  Our food has NEVER been on the recall list.

You will receive your food in the mail (when you place your order- choose auto ship, you will get 20% off retail)-there is no running to the store at the last minute or carrying heavy bags.  We make it EASY for you!!! Spread out the weeks you have it delivered and cut in the shipping costs.

The food is  4-8 weeks FRESH when it is shipped to you.  Compare that to the store bought food, which could be as much as a year old before it gets to the shelf.  Sometimes it sits in a hot warehouse or truck for months going through all degrees of temperatures.

Please take a look at “the system” this includes food and daily wellness supplements. Best buy and we have them for Dogs and Cats.  When you make a purchase,  you will automatically be making a contribution to a rescue group. Cool, yes?  Dr. Jane has created a foundation at Life’s Abundance.  The money from that foundation gets funneled to rescue groups (quarterly) and that money comes from your purchases.  MyPetFirst Loves this!

Please click my link below and check it out.  Thank you!!!  You can compare your current pet food on our site.   See if your brand is filled with nutrients, like Life’s Abundance.

For your Cat’s food and Treats/Supplements:  LIFE’s Abundance BEST  CAT FOOD

For your Dog food and Treats/Supplements: Life’s Abundance BEST DOG FOOD

YOU feed your self to be healthy, do the same for your PET!

a friend wrote:

I owned a small pet supply store and would tell my customers that Life’s Abundance is so nutrient dense that they will be feeding less and saving money in the long run.
This is about quality and the health of their pet. Cheaper food does not equal a healthy pet. Sometimes, depending on the food they are feeding, they will be feeding 1/2 the amount of what they are feeding now. Use the pet food calculator to determine the suggested amount to feed of Life’s Abundance.
Also, I would talk to them about recalls and being with a company they can trust with no recalls in 13 years of business.


Oct 3, 2012,

2 Responses to “Life’s Abundance Pet Food”

  • Teri:

    Hey Barb,
    Congratulations on the launching of your website. I was wondering if Life’s Abundance cat food would be recommended for my cat Tiger, who is on a special diet because she develops crystals in her urethra. She currently eats either C/D or S/O specially formulated for her health needs. Consequently, Flower, my other cat, eats this food, too. But it is pretty expensive. Can you find out?

  • Mary Matthiensen:

    Hi Barbra
    Yes, I have tryed this product and felt good about it.
    I contacted the company and asked if they could not make
    smaller kibble, and they said no.
    Maybe you could bring this to their attention and ask
    why not?

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