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WE Raised Donations for the ASPCA

We had so much fun walking in the mini marathon in Los Angeles California. So many wonderful people running and walking for the animals.   What a great feeling to know all this money was being raised to help the shelter and rescue animals. A heart felt and passionate issue for me. Please consider rescuing a shelter pet…don’t support breeding.  There are so many wonderful pets that need you and your loving care.  Feed your dog or cat with food and treats that have never been on recall!

Stray dog, Faith

Claudia Hoffmann writes:    My friend Eldad Hagar and his wife Audrey Spilker Hagar do such an amazing job helping stray animals. The videos bring awareness of what’s really out there. More abandoned and stray dogs than a lot of people dare to imagine.
You can pick up CAR LOADS of stray animals daily in LA and surrounding areas! PLEASE spay/neuter and micro chip your animals!
Just look at this video! Heartwarming and a happy ending!     Faith still needs a home.  Please share and support Hope for Paws!

Animal Welfare in Mexico-Doing Compassionate work

Sayulitanimals opened its doors in February of 2009, in response to the packs of dogs and hoards of cats who wandered around unwanted, sick, abused and actively reproducing.  To meet the needs of the community, four core programs were put in place:  Medical Aid for Street Animals, Adoption and Foster Assistance, Community Education, and Free Spay and Neuter.

Medical Aid for Street Animals: helps abandoned cats and dogs suffering from parasites, mange, starvation and innumerable diseases and accidents. Sayulitanimals will provide financial assistance for quality medical treatment. The person who found the animal will be responsible for its care.

Adoption and Foster Assistance:  the requirements to take an animal out of the country are proper vaccines, a health certificate, a kennel and a plane ticket.  Sayulitanimals will help you with the details, and the cost is minimal. We arrange local and foreign adoptions.  We also have a list of foster homes for short term care.  

Community Education:  educates our town concerning relevant and up-to-date animal practices. Whether it is medical aid, proper training or pet care fundamentals, Sayulitanimals puts the information into the hands that need it.

Free Spay and Neuter: the only successful plan to diminish animal problems which stem from overpopulation:  disease, abandonment or animal cruelty.  Sayulitanimals offers free spay and neuter appointments every Saturday, as well as quarterly campaigns.  We average 600-800 animals a year.   

Progress is made through the understanding that it takes everyone working together to bring about significant change.  We cannot do the necessary work without supporters from around the world!

Thank you so much!     ( we would appreciate you sharing this)

and you can go directly to site and donate…ANY domination helps!!! (one of the women that began this compassionate welfare )  And Luna (photo taken 9/2012)

Ellen DeGeneres and MyPetFirst…LOVE animals!

Can’t wait … going to the taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show on Feb 20th!!! Should be a ton of fun. I love Ellen! Funny, honest and LOVES animals. One dream of mine is to be a regular (on Ellen) with a voice for animals that need to be rescued. For as many folks that watch her show and enjoy her personality….being on her show to educate about animals and show which pets are available for adoption is a dream of mine.

She is very involved with her pet food company. Making sure that feeding dogs and cats with a food high in nutrition is their priority. Moe and more people are finding out how poor some pet food can be.

Our food (and treats) that we sell, are HIGH quality and fresh when it gets delivered to your door. We care about the wellness of your pet. A healthy pet makes the pet happy and your family happy.

Life’s Abundance is committed to quality, balanced nutrition and fresh human grade food delivered to your door. Its important to know you are giving your dog or cat the healthiest food you an possibly get your hands on. You want to be confident and make it a “no-brainer”. Check it out and order it now, takes a few minutes and you will be happy you did. At the very least watch the video, “do you know what is in your Pet’s food?”

KONA LOVES HER L.A. Pet food and treats…..

Weather is cold outside…give pets proper shelter, keep indoors.

Many folks think dogs, bunnies, cats, and other pets…don’t get cold outside. I hear many people say “they are animals, they are fine outside”.  In most cases that could be true, but don’t assume it. Keep them warm.

Be a responsible pet owner and make sure your animals are inside the house or have good shelter.

One of my friends keeps a heating pad under a towel in the kitty’s bed. It is on “LOW” and keeps Miss Kitty warm all night.  A kind gesture.

In the mid west many dogs are chained out in the snow. It is just not fair. They are freezing and they are left alone! Dogs like to be with their pack. PLEASE, If you see a chained animal outside for more than 3 hrs (in California) please report it to animal control. It is against the law to have an animal chained for more than 3 hrs in a 24hr period.

Make sure they have breakfast and dinner. They need to stay healthy in the cooler months.

Happy Winter!  Kona is warm and safe.

Chloe found her forever home!!!

Success! WOW! I am so grateful to ALL of you who helped make this Happen. It got a little dicey there.  I got calls from Arizona, SoCal & NorCal. Had a team of a strong community working their hearts out for this little dog! Thank you and Thank you again!

We found a forever home up in Northern California. Chloe’s new home will be with two women, (a couple) no other animals or kids.  One of her new mom’s is intending to teach her the skills she will need to be a companion dog! This is awesome for Chloe! We are so excited and relieved. They meet on Wednesday Nov 30th!!!!     Peace at last!

The way you can help out with funding any of these volunteer rescues that we do….please buy your pet products from our site.  We  are affiliate with many products that you already buy for your pet.  This way it keeps us going and growing for all the animals that need a voice. Buying on our site keeps us going. Please share with your friends. I know you will be buying PET FOOD. I know you will be buying Flea meds or heart worm Meds….as I know you care about your Pets like I do!

Click any link in the “products” tab we get paid. It’s that easy.

We also get paid every time you click an ad below this blog. We appreciate it!

****By the way PETFINDERS-a site that helps place animals, has scammers on the site, saying they will send you money for the your pet to have it shipped to them. Beware of these jerks.

It’s law-Dogs can’t be chained longer than 3 hrs a day

There is a law that was passed in California and is in effect as of January 2007.

You cannot tether your dog any longer than 3 hours during a 24-hour period.

It’s inhumane and considered cruel.  Report anyone who does this.  Call your local Animal Control and report them!

This is what the law says: “Section 122335, passed January 2007,  Prohibits tethering your dog for more than 3 hours a day within a 24-hour period.     Violation of this law can be cited as an infraction or misdemeanor and may lead to fines of $250 to $1000 and possible incarceration for up to six months”.

How do you entertain your cat all day?

Found this great article on Care 2 Make a difference.  Cats like to have company too! Dogs love Packs…remember, you are their Family. They wait all day for you to be around and communicate with them. Touch them and love them as much as you can. Feed them the BEST food for their body. They will love the special treats or Cat nip.  It is good for your heart and soul, as well as theirs.

When faced with leaving their furry companions alone during the day, pet parents often suffer from separation anxiety — not so much from their pets as from themselves and their own guilt over leaving their pet’s to fend for themselves in a lonely house. Here are four ways to help your cat stay occupied while you’re gone; after all, he can’t nap all day long!

1. Building the Fun Zone

When your cat is ready to play, a special space that has been set up just for that purpose is important. Even if you don’t have an extra room to devote as a cat haven, a corner of a room or a window will suffice. Set up a nice cat tree and/or scratching post that is specially made for climbing and claw exercises. Perches that overlook the yard will also give her hours of free, albeit mundane, entertainment. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can build a sitting shelf that sits on the inside ledge of the windowsill using just a shelf, brackets and fabric, or you can buy one from a pet supply store. A bird feeder placed outside the window will provide hours of entertainment (and maybe a little frustration!).

There are also ways to make it so that your cat can go outside while staying inside, with an enclosure that juts from the open window, allowing your cat the best view of all. This is another project that you can either take on yourself, or buy pre-assembled.  (One of my friends has a few “bay windows” in his house…the cat LOVES to sit there and listen to the birds and Check things out)

Start simple: You can begin by hanging toys from different spots so your cat has something to bat around, and place little jingly balls and furry mice on the floor for your cat to bat across the room and play a game of make-believe chase.

2. Get a “Buddy”

If your cat is an “only child,” you may want to consider adopting a feline brother or sister for her. Keep in mind that it can be challenging to integrate a new pet into the household, especially if your cat is older and is used to being the sole holder of the throne, but it is worth the effort to give your furry feline a companion she can grow to love (and groom). When two cats get together, playtime can really be productive and new games will be invented, even if you’re not home to witness them!  Even if they make you think that they hate one another, give them time. It’s nice to have the other’s energy around.

October is ADOPT A DOG month

A warm body next to you on the sofa on movie night. A jogging buddy on cool, damp mornings. An adoring face to greet you after a hard day at work. A constant companion through good times and bad. My dog loves her treats and healthy food.

Dogs give you what you need, and during Adopt-A-Dog Month® you can give a homeless dog what it needs you.

Go to your local shelter or to our online adoption center and find a lucky dog to bring into your loving home.

Already have a dog? Consider adding another one to your family. Or donate to help other dogs get the loving care and homes they need so much.

Adopt-A-Dog Month in October is brought to you by American Humane Association.

Rescue a Pet…watch this cute video

“Something Good” – Directed/Photographed by Robin Layton from Robin Layton

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