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Dog welfare program…you are making a difference!

I asked Sara how she came across Luna, her dog…(see my last blog)….this is what Sara wrote-Please read-and if you can send a few will make a HUGE difference! Sayulita-Their work is heart and soul!

“Last full moon night (August 30th) I drove home from Sayulita. I live 5 km from town. Just when I turned into the drive way I saw something black standing on the side of the highway. I stopped my car and got out to see what that black thing was. It was a dog. I immediately took food out of my car (I always keep dog food in the back), put some kibbles in my hand and slowly carefully approached the dog. He was careful, didn’t trust me at first and it took him a while to decide what to do. Finally he came up to me and started eating out of my hand. I put some more food in a bowl and put it on the ground away from the highway. I looked at him closely, it was a bright night and it broke my heart. I saw his jaw looked weird, I saw he was limping from his hind leg, I saw his fur was rough, I saw he was dripping wet as it had rained just before, I saw he was painfully thin……..overall he was the worst I have seen.

He ate and let me touch him. 
Because I have a pack of 4 dogs and one of them is aggressive I couldn’t take him home that night. I decided to put him in my car and in the morning I would bring him to the clinic and have the vet look at him.
So I carefully picked him up and carried him to my car. He didn’t like it but let me do it. He absolutely did not like being in the car and wanted to jump out. So I said to him: “ok buddy, I let you out, I put food for you here and you better stick around till the morning. Wait for me here and I will get you and we go to the vet!”
I drove off and saw him in the back mirror lying right there. I came to my house, turned on the light and……… saw that there were thousands of maggot-like insects growling all over me! I screamed at my dogs not to come close and went straight to the bathroom where I took a shower with my clothes on! It was gross and made me realize that the dog must be COVERED with these things but he didn’t even scratch himself. He is beyond that, he is like a Zombie dog.

Next morning came and he…..was NOT there. I looked for him but nothing.

The morning after he…..was THERE! I fed him and took some photos (one I sent to you) from that first meal. And then I saw all the insects that were living on him! Horrendous! I picked him up again and carried him to my car and off we went.
The vet and I gave him a bath which made me almost throw up and she checked him out.
He is old, he has no front teeth, his tongue is hanging at the side most times, he has a fractured leg or hip, he has erlichia and he is EXTREMELY sweet!

So now he lives at the clinic and I love him so very much. I named him Luna (even though he is a male) because I fist saw him at full moon.

I have been doing dog rescue for the last 3 1/2 years and it’s brutal work, Barbara. My heart is so broken and my soul so sad that I sometimes feel I can’t anymore. But I WILL! I won’t give up. It’s my passion and the dogs and cats are my very best friends.

Right now there are 5 starving dogs at the highway for whom I put food out. Four a female so as soon as they are fatter I will try to get them and have them spayed. They are very shy but with time I will win their trust.
Thank you for listening and thank you for your kind words, support and encouragement!

Yes, donations are coming in thanks to your efforts! Kimberley Clemens donated $15, Katie Hoffman $75 and Kim Kurylo $50 so far!   Click here to
It’s just wonderful!
 Big hugs back from the SA gang!

Does your dog jump up on people?

How To Make Your Dog Stop Jumping on People

How To Make Your Dog Stop Jumping on People

One of the first things your dog will do, especially if it’s a puppy, is jump up on you and on everyone who gives it attention.

The animal is only trying to get close and establish eye contact, but it’s best to discourage this behavior. A big dog jumping up on an elderly or frail person, or a child, even in the friendliest way imaginable, can hurt. So you’ll want to teach your pet to keep all four feet on the ground when interacting with you or other people.

Here are the recommended ways to teach a dog not to jump up:

1. Step very lightly on its hind toes.

2. Bump it gently in the chest with your knee to create the boundary.

3. Grasp its front paws and push it backward so it is off balance, like-tipping them.

Any of these should be accompanied by the command, “No” Then, after the dog gets down, walk away and ignore it for a few minutes. Remember, it’s in the consistency of repeating the action with the verbal command-“no”. It’s not screaming or yelling, it is consistency.

After a moment, when you’re sure your pet has got the message and has stayed down, pat and praise it. Remember, be consistent. Don’t confuse the dog by letting it jump up just this once, and then pushing it down and saying, “No” the next time. And don’t give up. You need to be clear with your dog. CONSISTENCY.

source-Annie B. Bond

Adapted from City Dog, by Patricia Curtis (Lantern Books, 2002). Copyright (c) 2002 by Patricia Curtis. Reprinted by permission of Lantern Books.
Adapted from City Dog, by Patricia Curtis (Lantern Books, 2002).

Ellen DeGeneres and MyPetFirst…LOVE animals!

Can’t wait … going to the taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show on Feb 20th!!! Should be a ton of fun. I love Ellen! Funny, honest and LOVES animals. One dream of mine is to be a regular (on Ellen) with a voice for animals that need to be rescued. For as many folks that watch her show and enjoy her personality….being on her show to educate about animals and show which pets are available for adoption is a dream of mine.

She is very involved with her pet food company. Making sure that feeding dogs and cats with a food high in nutrition is their priority. Moe and more people are finding out how poor some pet food can be.

Our food (and treats) that we sell, are HIGH quality and fresh when it gets delivered to your door. We care about the wellness of your pet. A healthy pet makes the pet happy and your family happy.

Life’s Abundance is committed to quality, balanced nutrition and fresh human grade food delivered to your door. Its important to know you are giving your dog or cat the healthiest food you an possibly get your hands on. You want to be confident and make it a “no-brainer”. Check it out and order it now, takes a few minutes and you will be happy you did. At the very least watch the video, “do you know what is in your Pet’s food?”

KONA LOVES HER L.A. Pet food and treats…..


I was in my vet’s office yesterday taking Kona for her annual check up and vaccinations. I was alerted by a sign they had at the front desk.  I really wanted to share this with you in case you buy these treats for your dog. lease pass this on to your friends with Pets. 

“FDA Warning for Dog Owners Regarding Chicken Jerky Products from China”

Since September 2007, veterinarians and dog owners around the nation have been reporting to the FDA in which chicken jerky dog treats, made in China, appear to be causing illness and death in dogs. An increased number of complaints have been noted in the past year (2011).

ANY…ANY….ANY….chicken jerky products for dogs manufactured in China. The chicken jerky is being sold as chicken tenders, strips and treats.  Products are being sold all over Los Angeles County and throughout the nation.  Often these products are purchased from Costco, Trader Joe’s or Pet Specialty Stores. Read your labels.

SYMPTOMS: *Decreased appetite, *decreased activity, *Vomiting, *Diarrhea, +/blood,  * Increased water consumption, * Increased Urination.

If your dog has these symptoms that are severe or last longer than 24 hours-  STOP FEEDING THE TREATS TO YOUR DOG!  Seek Help ASAP from your Veterinarian, save the product, the packaging and the receipt in case they need it for later.  If you live in Los Angeles County, report this 213-989-7060. All reports will be shared with FDA.

Give your dogs treats that (may cost more) but that you know they are safe and healthy! That the ingredients are from the USA and manufactured right here in the USA. Please, for your dog or cat’s health and well-being, read about Life’s Abundance food and it’s holistic formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks.


Weather is cold outside…give pets proper shelter, keep indoors.

Many folks think dogs, bunnies, cats, and other pets…don’t get cold outside. I hear many people say “they are animals, they are fine outside”.  In most cases that could be true, but don’t assume it. Keep them warm.

Be a responsible pet owner and make sure your animals are inside the house or have good shelter.

One of my friends keeps a heating pad under a towel in the kitty’s bed. It is on “LOW” and keeps Miss Kitty warm all night.  A kind gesture.

In the mid west many dogs are chained out in the snow. It is just not fair. They are freezing and they are left alone! Dogs like to be with their pack. PLEASE, If you see a chained animal outside for more than 3 hrs (in California) please report it to animal control. It is against the law to have an animal chained for more than 3 hrs in a 24hr period.

Make sure they have breakfast and dinner. They need to stay healthy in the cooler months.

Happy Winter!  Kona is warm and safe.

Chloe found her forever home!!!

Success! WOW! I am so grateful to ALL of you who helped make this Happen. It got a little dicey there.  I got calls from Arizona, SoCal & NorCal. Had a team of a strong community working their hearts out for this little dog! Thank you and Thank you again!

We found a forever home up in Northern California. Chloe’s new home will be with two women, (a couple) no other animals or kids.  One of her new mom’s is intending to teach her the skills she will need to be a companion dog! This is awesome for Chloe! We are so excited and relieved. They meet on Wednesday Nov 30th!!!!     Peace at last!

The way you can help out with funding any of these volunteer rescues that we do….please buy your pet products from our site.  We  are affiliate with many products that you already buy for your pet.  This way it keeps us going and growing for all the animals that need a voice. Buying on our site keeps us going. Please share with your friends. I know you will be buying PET FOOD. I know you will be buying Flea meds or heart worm Meds….as I know you care about your Pets like I do!

Click any link in the “products” tab we get paid. It’s that easy.

We also get paid every time you click an ad below this blog. We appreciate it!

****By the way PETFINDERS-a site that helps place animals, has scammers on the site, saying they will send you money for the your pet to have it shipped to them. Beware of these jerks.

Training your Dog

Training Your Dog Gives Him Confidence

by Tammy Reinarz, Owner, Tammy’s Dog Training Service

Don’t confuse confidence with dominance or being the alpha. Your dog can be trained how to react in certain situations, such as when people come to your home, you pass other dogs on a walk, or when you are making dinner. If you want your dog to sit every time you have him greet someone, then train for it! Train your sits and make sure they are rock-solid, then add calm people to the mix. Give positive input when your dog behaves correctly. 

Make sure other people don’t mess up your training by petting your dog when or if he jumps up. Pull him firmly back by his leash. (Do not yank him off his feet; simply add distance between the dog and the person.) Make sure you are giving treats low — holding treats up higher tends to make dogs jump — and reinforcing often!

I have found it is Not in the VOLUME you yell at your dog..they have VERY GOOD hearing. Try whispering “do you want a treat” when you are both relaxing and not focused on anything. Watch how well your pup can hear. So when you are training your pup….You don’t need to yell. It’s all in the consistency. Most of the time it is US HUMANS that need to learn the “language” so our dog can understand what we want and Being consistent is key!

Moki and Barb – “one of our last nights together”

This is my sweet girl that I  rescued and adopted when she was 6 or 7 or 8  (?) years old.  She lived out her last 9 years with us and was very happy and pampered.  I wasn’t completely educated on what good or bad food.  After I adopted her my knowledge grew and I realized what it meant to feed premium food.  She was well fed, loved and played with; lots of fun vacations include Lake Tahoe, Huntington Dog Beach, Santa Barbara, Off leash trails in the Oakland/Berkeley Hills, Point Isabel, Carmel by the Sea, Yosemite, eastern sierras, and many more places of beauty.  This was one of her last evenings with us. Moki was diagnosed with Lymphoma  and it was getting the best of her.  We had a celebration of her lively life with us and helped her pass to peace.  It was actually “ok”…something I feared for years.  I still miss her and feel the loss….she was like a daughter to us.

Do you have a story you can tell us about a pet that you have been fortunate to have in your life? Please feel free to comment below.

Have you checked the RESCUE links we have provided for you?

We have made up a list (with the help of Haute Dog/Justin Rudd) of animal rescue sites.  All sorts-Dogs, cats, bunnies, reptiles, horses, pot belly pigs, etc. Remember to feed them the Healthiest food possible for their bodies.

Look at the top of our page and you will see the tab. Click on the tab after you read this. We will keep this as a Permanent Tab so you can come here anytime and see where there may be an animal companion waiting for you to adopt.

Pass this on to a friend who may be looking for a pet.

Many people are surprised that there are breed specific rescues.  Please don’t buy. They only way to curtail the Puppy mills and massive breeding is to go to a shelter and adopt.   So many wonderful souls made it their mission in life to rescue all types of animals-and look for new homes for them.

Do you realize that many people have given up perfectly good dogs to shelters or rescues? You’d be surprised to find purebreds at the local shelter.  Are you aware that mixed breeds can healthier?

Some people die and don’t make a plan for their pet.  Their extended families (if they have one) don’t want the pet. What happens then?  Hopefully someone will foster them til they find a good home. Look at the rescue sites.

Consider donating to these groups if you are not ready to take on a new pet.   Check out these sites (and I am sure there are more that we don’t have listed) first.  Make a pet happy with a new home. Open up your heart to the one that speaks to you, you will be so happy you did.  Remember to make a lifetime commitment to the pet’s natural life cycle, they are counting on you. Give them 100% and they will give that in return.

Pets make a wonderful companion for retired folks. Consider your parents as they age, it could provide a wonderful relationship for your parent and for the animal.

As the saying goes: WHO RESCUED WHO?

Rescue a Pet…watch this cute video

“Something Good” – Directed/Photographed by Robin Layton from Robin Layton

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