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Swimming with Dolphins in the Wild

My experience:

In 1998 I started to swim with Dolphins in the Wild.  I ventured to Bimini and Key West.  There are (conscious minded) Captains and group leaders that go out to swim with dolphins in their environment.  And personally, this makes my heart happy as opposed to swimming with them at some Hotel or Amusement park. Capitalists have misused this in the last 20+ years, and it breaks my heart.  I also refuse to go to Amusement Parks that keep Orca and dolphins in large entrapments and train them to do “tricks” so humans can find enjoyment and believe these magnificent creatures are happy.

One of the experiences I had when I took a group to swim with them out of Key West waters.  The Captain, who had a lot of experience, suggested the 5 of us to jump in the water and meditate on them coming to the bay where we were swimming. Two groups of dolphins swam over to us within 5 minutes. Captain V had told us that we were swimming in the area that the mothers and their off spring would often locate.

My friends got out of the water and into the boat and I stayed in and floated, delighting in the dolphins.  Part of the pod swam by me and hovered with them.  I fell into a deep state of bliss and lost track of time. When I popped my head up, Captain V waved me to return to her boat. When I climbed in, she asked, “you didn’t hear the dolphin slap her tail 3 different times, did you?”  I said that I did not, even once.  Then Captain V said that they were sleeping and it is very rare that they would allow someone to swim near them while they were sleeping.  I knew I had received a gift and was blessed.

I was in a blissful state laying in the back of the boat by myself.  When we got back to land and we were sharing our experiences, I told the group and Captain V that I felt like I had been suspended in a time capsule.   I felt like I was swimming down the ‘axon of the nervous system’.  Those actual words went through my head as I was with them in the water.  I felt like my nervous system had been calmed and healed at a very deep level.  It was a body experience.

About a week after I returned home, one of the women from the group phoned me to tell me that she had just watched a TV show on dolphins.  It was about how a healing team in Florida used dolphins to swim with autistic or disabled kids and how the dolphins worked on their nervous system! She was amazed and recalled my story a few weeks back on how I felt after I had that experience with this pod off Key West, Fla.

Her words hit me deep in my soul, as I knew this was a truth by my experience.

by Barbara Tapella

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