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Fleas on your Pets? Dawn Dishsoap kills them.

Fleas are wingless insects that bite – piercing skin and sucking blood. Equipped with spiny hairs to anchor in a cat or dog’s coat, they are armored and resistant to crushing or scratching. Ever tried to smash one between your fingers? You can’t.  and when you open your deadly grip, they seem to laugh and pop away never to be found again. You have to squeeze and pop them between your fingernails…and it is a tad gross, although satisfying in a creepy way. They serve no purpose in the great chain of being, except to cause discomfort and spread disease. Whether that is true or not; it seems it could be true. They are pests and they Bug my pets!

One safe way to remove a sudden infestation is to shampoo your dog well with Lemon Joy or Dawn dish soap. These grease-cutting shampoos will kill existing fleas by swiftly destroying the cuticle on their exoskeletons, but you will have to act proactively to prevent further attacks in the immediate area.

You can also bathe your dog in Selsun Blue Shampoo to take away an itch.

source: Tips by Helen Fazio

FEEDING THEM healthy balanced food will help any skin allergies.

Training your Dog

Training Your Dog Gives Him Confidence

by Tammy Reinarz, Owner, Tammy’s Dog Training Service

Don’t confuse confidence with dominance or being the alpha. Your dog can be trained how to react in certain situations, such as when people come to your home, you pass other dogs on a walk, or when you are making dinner. If you want your dog to sit every time you have him greet someone, then train for it! Train your sits and make sure they are rock-solid, then add calm people to the mix. Give positive input when your dog behaves correctly. 

Make sure other people don’t mess up your training by petting your dog when or if he jumps up. Pull him firmly back by his leash. (Do not yank him off his feet; simply add distance between the dog and the person.) Make sure you are giving treats low — holding treats up higher tends to make dogs jump — and reinforcing often!

I have found it is Not in the VOLUME you yell at your dog..they have VERY GOOD hearing. Try whispering “do you want a treat” when you are both relaxing and not focused on anything. Watch how well your pup can hear. So when you are training your pup….You don’t need to yell. It’s all in the consistency. Most of the time it is US HUMANS that need to learn the “language” so our dog can understand what we want and Being consistent is key!

Adopt/Rescue your next Pet-DO NOT BUY

If you really want to know why so many pets end up on death row then it is really very simple & here it is:
1 – Breeders & Puppy Mills
Despite the massive overpopulation of pets in America the breeders and the puppy mills churn out pets 24 hours a day to make a buck, or in many cases, a lot of bucks. The way to shut down the breeders and the puppy mills is simple, just Adopt from your local Shelter or Rescue instead of buying from a pet store or breeder.
2 – Failure to Spay/Neuter
People who fail to spay/neuter their pets are another huge part of the overpopulation problem. Cats and dog, left unfixed, will breed. Unless you want 10 new cats of your own, or 8 new puppies, then get your pets fixed because if you do not then the chances are that most of those little ones will end up right here on Pet Pardons with a kill date.
3 – Owner Surrender
If you have kids you make plans for them in case something happens to you. If you have pets you must do the same thing, otherwise, again, they end up at the Shelter with a kill date. If you cannot afford to keep a pet then do not get one in the first place. A pet is a lifetime commitment not a disposable fashion accessory.
4 – People Who Buy Pets
When you buy a pet, no matter where you buy that pet from, you are supporting the breeders and the puppy mill owners. Please, never ever buy, always Adopt, I promise you that whatever pet you want there is one waiting for you in a shelter or rescue today. If you have never Adopted a pet then you have missed out on the most amazing feeling, it’s that feeling of saving a life. Ask anyone who has done it, they will tell you the same, that pet will repay you with a lifetime of love and affection.

Once this problem is fixed, and there are no more pets on death row, and no more pets living without a family in a Rescue, then we can pack up shop, shut down Pet Pardons and go do something else instead. I long for that day, and mark my words, it will come if we all work together for those without a voice.
Chris Hoar
Co-Founder, Pet Pardons

Make a lifetime commitment and always feed your Dog or Cat THE BEST nutritious food.

Adopting a Senior Dog or Cat has Benefits!

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog (or Cat)

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Adopting a senior dog has a lot of advantages. These golden oldies are already housebroken, obey obedience commands, and require significantly less exercise than their younger counterparts.

“There’s nothing quite so wise and wonderful as an old dog,” says Judith Piper, founder of Old Dog Haven in Arlington, Washington.  The rescue group has a dedicated network of foster homes that specialize in saving dogs eight years and older. Most pets usually arrive at the organization after their elderly owner dies or is no longer able to care for them.

Senior dogs are also surprisingly in demand with adopters — in part, Piper says, because what you see is what you get. A dog’s size, personality, and energy level are already known. There’s no guessing what that small pup will become as an adult.  In  today’s electronic age, an increasing number of people work from home and want mellow four-footed colleagues to keep them company. Still others adopt older companions simply to get started the world of dog ownership. “It’s really easier to start with an older dog that isn’t as demanding as a puppy,” Piper says.

Sound tempting? Before filling out an adoption application, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Older dogs require more potty breaks throughout the day. That means you’ll need to install a pet door, hire a dog walker, or come home for lunch to let your pet outside to relieve itself.
  • Large dogs with arthritis don’t do well in two- and three-story homes because of the stairs, and won’t be able to accompany you on lengthy walks or hikes.
  • As older dogs continue to age, they might lose their sight or hearing. Because of this, adoption experts say, households with toddlers (either your own or grandchildren who visit frequently) are not idea. Young children who accidentally startle or frighten a deaf or blind dog might get bitten.

Another consideration is the high cost of veterinary care, says Jamie Pinn, executive director of H.A.R.T Senior Dog Rescue in Fillmore, Calif. For more than 20 years the nonprofit has specialized in rehoming dogs aged 7 and older. Each pet undergoes an extensive medical exam, so adopters know upfront about any potential health issues. “We feel we owe that to whoever is going to take them on,” she says.

Canines at Old Dog Haven also undergo complete physical exams. Rescue groups recommend that adopters use local veterinarians with experience in treating ailing geriatric animals, who are also known for not pushing pricey medical procedures.

Adopting an older dog is an often-overlooked option but one that many rescue groups say you won’t regret. These mellow canine companions will happily pay you back for giving them a home by filling your life with so much love and joy, you’ll wonder why you never considered it before.

About the Author: Maryann Mott is an Arizona-based pet journalist.

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How do you entertain your cat all day?

Found this great article on Care 2 Make a difference.  Cats like to have company too! Dogs love Packs…remember, you are their Family. They wait all day for you to be around and communicate with them. Touch them and love them as much as you can. Feed them the BEST food for their body. They will love the special treats or Cat nip.  It is good for your heart and soul, as well as theirs.

When faced with leaving their furry companions alone during the day, pet parents often suffer from separation anxiety — not so much from their pets as from themselves and their own guilt over leaving their pet’s to fend for themselves in a lonely house. Here are four ways to help your cat stay occupied while you’re gone; after all, he can’t nap all day long!

1. Building the Fun Zone

When your cat is ready to play, a special space that has been set up just for that purpose is important. Even if you don’t have an extra room to devote as a cat haven, a corner of a room or a window will suffice. Set up a nice cat tree and/or scratching post that is specially made for climbing and claw exercises. Perches that overlook the yard will also give her hours of free, albeit mundane, entertainment. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can build a sitting shelf that sits on the inside ledge of the windowsill using just a shelf, brackets and fabric, or you can buy one from a pet supply store. A bird feeder placed outside the window will provide hours of entertainment (and maybe a little frustration!).

There are also ways to make it so that your cat can go outside while staying inside, with an enclosure that juts from the open window, allowing your cat the best view of all. This is another project that you can either take on yourself, or buy pre-assembled.  (One of my friends has a few “bay windows” in his house…the cat LOVES to sit there and listen to the birds and Check things out)

Start simple: You can begin by hanging toys from different spots so your cat has something to bat around, and place little jingly balls and furry mice on the floor for your cat to bat across the room and play a game of make-believe chase.

2. Get a “Buddy”

If your cat is an “only child,” you may want to consider adopting a feline brother or sister for her. Keep in mind that it can be challenging to integrate a new pet into the household, especially if your cat is older and is used to being the sole holder of the throne, but it is worth the effort to give your furry feline a companion she can grow to love (and groom). When two cats get together, playtime can really be productive and new games will be invented, even if you’re not home to witness them!  Even if they make you think that they hate one another, give them time. It’s nice to have the other’s energy around.

Massage Your Pet

Here is an article I wrote for Ezine Articles, thought you may find it interesting.

Such a sweet video of “your Best Friend”

Have a great day! Do you have a special pet you want to tell us about?

Remember your Pets in Emergency Planning

Prepping for an Emergency—Don’t Forget About Your Pets!

The Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) would like to remind pet owners to include their pets in all emergency preparedness plans. Doing this is crucial to ensuring survival during a disaster, crisis, or emergency. Remember, it is always best to plan ahead, before disaster strikes.

One of the most important components of emergency preparedness is having a plan for you and your family. Your pets are your family.  Be sure to have a plan in place for them as well. Make arrangements NOW with family or friends who would be willing to welcome your pets in the event of an emergency. Make plans with your neighbors to care for or evacuate your pets if you are unable to do so.

Have an emergency kit for your pets. Make sure to include food and water (enough for at least three days for each pet) and any necessary medication. Dogs should wear a collar with license and identification information. Be sure to have extra collars and leashes with ID tags for both cats and dogs. Each animal should be micro chipped.  Each pet should have their own crate or carrier.

Crates should have good air circulation and should be large enough for your pet to stand, turn, and lie down. Especially larger animals, like dogs.  Have enough food and treats for your dogs and cats in your Pet Emergency Kit.  Have a copy of all of your pet’s important information (registration, microchip, vaccination, and other important medical records). Also include familiar items, such as favorite toys and treats, which can help reduce stress for your pets during a disaster.

If you have livestock, be sure to make arrangements to evacuate or prepare an area where horses can remain safe during an emergency event. With livestock, it is vital for horses to be evacuated early from threatened areas so horse trailers do not interfere with emergency response vehicles.   DACC encourages you to train your horse to load into a trailer and have a working trailer available. If your horse will not load easily or safely, work in advance to make your horses’ area as safe as possible to shelter in place. Check with your local Fire Department for clearance regulations.

DO YOU HAVE an emergency pack (3 day) packed and ready for your Pet? It’s really important to stay fresh on the food and meds for your cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, fish, hamsters, etc

Are Pit Bulls getting a bad rap?

What do you think?  Please leave us a comment below, hopefully it’s a good one!
Bap Rap is an organization in the Bay Area that works with Pit Bulls, adoptions and training the dog. There is also re-training for the People and new owners.
It is an awesome organization.

COME BACK here after you have read this wonderful site that is doing such great work with adopting out Pit Bulls and educating us about the myths.

Here you will see a friend riding her trike around “distracting” the dogs while they are going through their training.  Dogs (any breed) need to be out in the community (socialized) and know that objects and things pop up or drive by that do not need to come to action or chase or be aggressive.

Good Work BAD RAP! and thank you for all that you do!

Palliative Care for your pet

Palliative Care

It’s one of those terms that not everyone is familiar with, but once you’ve witnessed “palliative care” in the case of a loved one, you’ll never forget it. According to the World Health Organization, palliative care is a medical approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing complications associated with life-threatening, often through the prevention and relief of suffering by treatment of pain and other problems. These treatments are offered regardless of whether or not there is any hope of a cure by any means.

While palliative care has been available to humans for decades, more and more veterinarians and pet parents are advocating for similar treatments for companion animals, too. As a pet parent, you owe it to yourselves – and your companion animals – to watch this special episode of Pet Talk.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011 17:26 by Dr. Sarah

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