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MOKI- June 11th, 2011

Moki is having a better day today…..go figure.   She ate her late breakfast and early lunch.  I have noticed that she is not as hungry inthe morning. For years she would gallop into the kitchen to get her breakfast as soon as we got up in the morning.

Now she is hungry later in the morning and evening.   I feed her about 3-4 meals a day.   Today I decided to skip the 10 mg Prednisone tablet.   I want to give her nervous system a rest and I will resume the medication in the morning tomorrow.  However, I did give her a Pepcid AC this morning, hoping it would calm her stomach lining and digestive system.

Her lymph glands grow a tad larger every day.  Still happy Spirits, eating, walking and pooping. Loving her hamburger and rice. Today I in threw in some spinach and beef broth.  I boiled some bones with marrow still inside and it made a tasty broth.

Moki is having a hard day- June 10

The last two days were better for Moki…today she can not settle.

She is tired and when she goes to lay down she can’t quite relax.  She is pacing. Breaks my heart. I know it is a day to day thing.  She is riding that “end of life roller coaster”.  One good day, next one NOT so good.

I laid by her side and laid my hands on her. She seemed to like the body contact and the touch. Still on 10 mg of Steroids and 10 mg of Pepcid AC.  Still eating, pooping and peeing. Has some strength.  Loving her steak, rice, eggs, etc.

Moki – June 8th, 2011

Today is Wednesday. Moki was a bit agitated last night but slept well.  Her nervous system and breathing system is taxed but so much better than last week when she had too many toxins in her system from the Prednisone.  I still wish I would have listened to my intuition on giving her 1/2 of the dosage the Vet prescribed.  I know better. When one is emotional about their sweet pet, you want to trust the “doctor”. Another lesson on listening to my gut!

This is what my mornings have consisted of lately….wake up and make sure Moki is still breathing in life. I get a YES and move onto the kitchen. Feed Kona her Life’s Abundance dog kibble and figure out if Moki is hungry. The last few mornings she has come into the kitchen in the morning acting hungry.  So I fed her rice, lamb (wet dog food) with gravy and scrambled an egg into it. I added her nutrient powder and stirred it all together.  She gobbled 99% of it. Then she got her 10mg of Prednisone and 10 mg of Pepcid AC.  She is now laying in the living room on the carpet.

Then I go to the backyard and search for dog poop, assess it, collect it and toss it into the poop bucket. This morning there were five to six VERY SOFT piles.  Her poor tummy, but she seems “ok”.    I added a lot of rice to her food this morning, to help with the soft poop and upset tummy. I will give more rice this evening with hamburger and an egg; half rice to half protein.

Moki, My Pet Dog

Writing about my dog, Moki, and her last stage of life.

She has Lymphoma, diagnosed June 1st 2011.

Our Vet said to give her 20 mg of Prednisone 2x a day. This steroid acts like a chemotherapy for the dog.  It was far too high of a dosage for my Moki and her already compromised body.  I had an intuition about this and when I spoke with her vet, she talked me into accepting it.  I wanted to start out with half the dosage. I find that vets usually OVER prescribe.

In my past with my pets, I have always cut the dosage in half and build up to the prescribed dosage  (if I need to).  This has worked for me and my Pets.

By the night of day 2, Moki had too many toxins in her system. I think the steroid was too much for her compromised body. She was anxious, throwing up and out of it.    For 4 days I gave her 20mgs, 2 xs a day.   Then I tapered off to 1-20mg the next morning and only a half tablet (10mg) this morning. It is dangerous to abruptly stop a steroid for animals (and humans). It can tax the adrenals and there is a possibility of “shut down”.   This smaller dose was better for Moki and her condition.   She is able to eat again. Moki was able to relax and sleep the best in two days!   I envision her to make a peaceful  transition.

No pain – No suffering. Moki and I have a strong connection, we always have.  Moki will tell me when she needs to go and I will listen to her request.  Animals let you know when they need help, it’s our responsibility to listen with our heart and pick up the non-verbal communication. The role of a good responsible parent and loving guardian.  I will miss her but I have told her she can  “go” when it’s right for her, not just right for me.   Julie, Kona and I will be okay.

She and I have shared a great life together.  She is the best dog ever! The true and loyal buddy that anyone could wish for.  I am so happy I “listened” when I was lead to her Spirit calling me.  She was over 900 miles away in Moab, Utah and I was in the San Francisco Bay area when we “met” up and adopted one another.  Moki was 6 or 7 or 8 when we met.   I will have had her in my life for 9 years this November (2011).  The best gift my heart has ever had!

Here we sit, 7:05 pm on a Sunday night, June 5th, 2011.  The air blowing into our house. I am blogging, Kona is sleeping on the carpet in front of me.   Moki is peacefully laying down near the open French doors, feeling the breeze come in on her muzzle. A little more peace and quiet tonight in our house and she rests after her can of wet food. Yep! She ate and drank water tonight…first time in days.  Bless her heart.

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Dog Diet ~ Lymphoma

I spoke with a Veterinarian yesterday that makes Mobile Visits to the house if you want to have your Pet euthanized at home.

I have been doing my “homework” so I won’t be panicky when the day comes that I may need to make a decision to help my Girl.  I want to have my plan and be organized.  One mobile Vet told me that Lymphoma is not really painful but makes you feel crummy and lethargic.  That was a relief. Apparently (all five veterinarians said the same) that the steroids are a form of chemotherapy and will help shrink Moki’s lymph glands that are fighting the cancer cells.

It will not cure the cancer, but help her to feel better.  If she feels better and not suffering anything then that is good for me. I have to remember that she can pick up whatever I am feeling too. I need to remind her that with me missing her in my life that I will be ok and she can choose to “leave” when she needs.  My wish for her is that she have a peace and ease in her transition and I will be with her as much as I can to make her as comfortable as she can be on this last leg of her journey here on earth.

Moki is 16 or 17 years old and I don’t want to make her uncomfortable with tests, chemo, etc.    Today, Moki has more energy and I have cooked some special meals for her.  One Vet said to go to Costco (warehouse store) and buy the large ground beef package, make some white rice and add some carrots or spinach to the mix.    She told me that dogs with Lymphoma should have a high protein meal, with 75%-80% in protein.  Best ratio would be ~ 3 cups protein to 1 cup of rice, with veggies mixed in.

I also boiled some bones with meat on it and kept the water to put on whatever I am feeding her. She is diggin’ it!

My conversations with the veterinarians were very helpful and informative.  I am feeling better informed on how to deal with some situations that could arise in the not too distant future.  My Pet First!!!

MOKI is LOVED by many people! Thank you all for loving this great girl so much!


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