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still carrying heavy pet food?

Have it delivered to your door!

Premium cat and dog food formulated by Holistic Vet, Dr. Jane Bicks.  It is human grade and fast cooked kibble (and wet is available) that holds all the important nutrients your pet loves. It’s affordable, we cut out the middle man, similar to Trader Joe’s, and give you the extra $ in your pocket. Food has important ingredients for your pet like Omega 3 fish oils and probiotics for healthy digestion.  We also have supplements, treats, etc.  Please visit:

Bonus*** If you are an animal over or already in the pet Industry-You can even have an online web business with this company for less than $230.00 to start! They give you a website, maintained and up and running for $10.95 a month.  Ask me how or go to and click on the opportunity tab.

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