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Food Allergies with your Pet? What you can do:

I have a friend who has a white boxer that has horrible skin issues. He has been to 5 different vets and 2 dermatologist specialist. They have switched his diet around several times over the last couple of years. The only thing that seems to help at all is when he is taking 40mg of pred a day. The owner can’t keep him on this kind of a dosage. He is allergic to several things (grains being one of them) I would like to be able to offer her something that would help. I showed her the skin and coat formula that Life’s Abundance offers and she said he was already taking something like that.  Not sure if this is entirely true.  I don’t want to try to force another product on her (she has spent a lot of money trying to get him feeling better.) Is there any info I can point her too about anything we offer that would be promising?      Wendy
Did the dermatologist do a skin prick test to diagnose these different allergies? That is the ONLY way to verify them. A blood test for allergies is very inconclusive as they will show many false positives.
If a skin prick test showed allergies to grains or any other ingredients then they cannot use our food.
Our fish oil at 1 tsp. of the oil or 4000mg per 100lb. Would possibly work wonders and they may not need something like Prednisone anymore or could switch. To something less harmful.
They need to look at anything they are using that this dog could be coming in contact with. Detergents, floor cleaners, air fresheners, shampoos (even some dermatology pet shampoos have horrible chemicals in them), treats, etc.
Many people only think about food allergies with their pets and many things in the household can also be adding to the problem.
She may be using a product that sounds similar to our skin and coat but I can assure you it isn’t going to be likely that it is as good as ours for many reasons that I won’t go into at this time. I will say that most do not have the quality and concentration of the omega 3’s that ours has.
Allergies are usually seated (begin) with digestive problems, liver issues that are caused by many different things the liver is overloaded with and it needs support. Digestive enzymes would probably help. Greatly and can be purchased in any health food store. Milk thistle is an herb that is awesome for the liver and can also be purchased in a health food store. It can be sprinkled on the food (per Dr. Jane).
Allergies can also be exacerbated by poor intestinal health (condition known as leaky gut in humans). Look up leaky gut on the web to have a full understanding.
Homeopathic remedies for dogs(make sure they are formulated with no alcohol) are very safe. Ones that support liver and adrenal function and also ones for detoxification or allergies would probably have very good responses.
Probiotics greatly help with intestinal health. Our food has it in the kibble!  Since this dog probably cannot use our food they should supplement the diet with them. Many companies list them on the bag but they are sprayed on the outside of the kibble after cooking and it is very unlikely that they are still alive in high numbers after a bag sits forever in a warehouse and subjected to temperature changes. Ours has them micro-encapsulated which protects them and our food is way fresher and stored in a climate controlled warehouse which makes a huge difference!

steroids for dogs?

Moki – June 8th, 2011

Today is Wednesday. Moki was a bit agitated last night but slept well.  Her nervous system and breathing system is taxed but so much better than last week when she had too many toxins in her system from the Prednisone.  I still wish I would have listened to my intuition on giving her 1/2 of the dosage the Vet prescribed.  I know better. When one is emotional about their sweet pet, you want to trust the “doctor”. Another lesson on listening to my gut!

This is what my mornings have consisted of lately….wake up and make sure Moki is still breathing in life. I get a YES and move onto the kitchen. Feed Kona her Life’s Abundance dog kibble and figure out if Moki is hungry. The last few mornings she has come into the kitchen in the morning acting hungry.  So I fed her rice, lamb (wet dog food) with gravy and scrambled an egg into it. I added her nutrient powder and stirred it all together.  She gobbled 99% of it. Then she got her 10mg of Prednisone and 10 mg of Pepcid AC.  She is now laying in the living room on the carpet.

Then I go to the backyard and search for dog poop, assess it, collect it and toss it into the poop bucket. This morning there were five to six VERY SOFT piles.  Her poor tummy, but she seems “ok”.    I added a lot of rice to her food this morning, to help with the soft poop and upset tummy. I will give more rice this evening with hamburger and an egg; half rice to half protein.

Moki-June 6th, 2011

Moki is more comfortable today. She slept well last night.  She followed me into the kitchen this morning to be fed- just like she used to.  She hasn’t done that in days!  She has been drinking water, too!   She even took her “treat” and went outside to nurture it.  Yesterday, I boiled beef bones that have a little beef on them and they have some bone marrow inside.  This was a hit with Moki; she stood up and licked that bone dry!  It brought me great pleasure to see her shake the meat off the bone, with vigor.

This morning I gave her 10 mg of the steroid along with her 10mg of Pepcid AC, this is to help with any upset that the steroid brings to her system.  That will be all the Prednisone she gets until tomorrow morning.  Her lymph glands seem smaller in her throat; my hands sense this.    I am still on “Moki Watch” and she is my priority right now.

Her breakfast:

I tried a few food items this morning.  After 30 minutes of jugglin’ some different items, like: quality wet food, ground cooked turkey with rice, beef broth, kibbles saturated with all kinds of yummy gravy…I finally hit the right one!  Special K cereal and a scrambled egg with rice and some turkey!  Phew!  Moki ate the whole thing and even licked the bowl.  She is peppier this morning.    I am more relaxed, Moki is more relaxed and Kona just wants to know if I will play ball with her after all this fussing is over.

This morning, I phoned Moki’s veterinarian and left her a message on her voice mail.   I let her know what went down with Moki and informed her that I felt it was too high of a Prednisone dosage. Just want her to know that I am concerned that all dogs don’t get the “general” dosage, especially if they are 16/17 and already compromised.

I am off to the kitchen to cook some steak for Miss Moki, she will have this for dinner.  Her menu today will be steak and rice. Hope she likes it!

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