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Feeding your Cat a healthy diet

Do you want to feed your cat a healthy diet?

Take a look at this list of things to do and what to avoid.

Be a responsible pet parent. Cats (and dogs) require a very different diet than humans to be healthy.

1. Avoid Feeding Too Much. Obesity is associated with diabetes, arthritis, urinary tract disease, and even “metabolic syndrome,” which is where factors increase the risk for developing disease. Keep your cat at a healthy weight it is for their own good. Toxicities or deficiencies can be created if the cat’s diet is too heavy in tuna, liver, cod liver oil, or raw fish.

2. Feed Wet and Dry Food. Dry food is associated with urinary tract disease and obesity. Cats are designed to get their water with their food. Here is a healthy thought to keep in mind for your cat- Mice (a cat’s normal food) are about 70% water, and canned food about 78%, while dry food is only between 5%-10% water.

3. Too Little Water. Cats should have several sources of clean fresh water available all day long. Make sure they get plenty of it. This is why some wet food combined with dry (daily) can be a healthy choice to give your feline.

4. Garlic and Onions. If given a high of dose, garlic and onions can destroy a cat’s red blood cells. May want to be safe and avoid all together?

5. Avoid Creating Nutrient Deficiencies. It is vital to balance the meat with the correct amounts of calcium and phosphorous when making your own cat food. In the wild, a cat would be eating both the meat and bones of their prey.

6. Carnivores, Vegetarian or Vegan. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they must eat mainly meat and animal organs to thrive. Lack of taurine (found only in animal tissue It is essential for cardiovascular function, and development and function of skeletal muscle, the retina and the central nervous system) can lead to heart problems, blindness, and even death.

7. Remember to spay or neuter your cat no later than 6 mos if you can. This helps to keep the population DOWN.

****Be a responsible pet parent.  Thank you!

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source: article by Dr. Christie Johnson @ Creature Comfort and Myself

Your pet and the Holiday season

Moki the Reindeer

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones…including your pet family! because they are family too.
With all the Holidays treats and dinners that are being cooked, remember not to give your dogs or cats any onions, chocolate, raisins, grapes, xylitol and cooked bones.

Do not leave your pets over night, alone and not fed. Contrary to some folks and their beliefs, pets need attention daily. Ask your neighbor to make sure your pets are fed and safe while you are gone. Yes, Cats can be left one night with plenty of kibble, water and warmth.

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Bully sticks are a great treat that dogs will chew on for hours. They are digestible.

I love connecting People with Pets…doing it from my heart

    We found a special couple to open their hearts and give another dog a home!  Yay! How good does this feel?   You know what I mean if you have ever found an animal in need.  You feel all that tension and anxiety, and ask “why did I get involved with this?”.  Then you stick with it, you get support and the magic starts to unfold, ending in a blessed act of kindness!  Another Happy Animal who is safe.

Your hope is raised and you are happy you got involved. You kick up your heels and feel like you contributed.

  The Internet is amazing, so powerful and reaches many miles and makes the limits much wider.  I often think about all the dogs, cats, pets that used to rely on the local classified ads in newspapers.  If you were lucky enough a person telephoned. “in the old days”….

I love doing this work for the animals- It takes time and tenacity.

Want to share this-My regular income is generated with my massage practice and has been since 1984.   In 2010, I created to educate, network and build community for the animals.   It helps to bring income & keep my heart projects alive. Please consider stopping by and looking at the Pet food I represent, or click google ads below, or buy from my affiliates, and/or order stuff through my link at Amazon (for anything you buy).   We all will benefit!

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Thank you! Barbara Tapella

This is Barbara and Moki. She found Barbara & was adopted when she was 7 years old and lived a blessed life until she was 16.


Have Pet? or dealing with the Grief of losing one?

  • The American Humane Association has completed phase I of a three-part study on pet ownership. The goal of the study is to help find families for more homeless pets, and to help those pets remain in their new homes forever.
  • Phase I of the study examined the reasons people don’t own a dog or cat.,what One surprising result from the survey of 1,500 previous pet owners was that 20 percent were still dealing with the grief of losing a prior pet, which prevented them from getting another four-legged companion.
  • Results from phase I indicate pet advocacy groups need to address general negative attitudes toward cats, focus cat adoption strategies on the people most open to owning a kitty, and better understand the role grief plays as a barrier to future pet ownership.

Pets are good for your well-being. Companions and helps calm your nervous system. 

resource: Dr. Becker’s Blog

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Poison Safety Kits for your Cat or Dog

found this today, please educate yourself:

You love your cats and dogs like they were one of the family. And chances are, you’ve got a first aid kit in some form around the house in case something should happen to one of the human members of your family. But what about the animal members?

Pet owners should create a safety kit to keep on hand for poisoning emergencies involving their animals. According to the ASPCA, this kit should contain:

• A fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent solution (USP).
• Can of soft dog or cat food.
• Turkey baster, bulb syringe, or large medical syringe.
• Saline eye solution to flush out eye contaminants.
• Artificial tear gel to lubricate eyes after flushing
• Mild grease-cutting dishwashing liquid to decontaminate skin.
• Skunk Off! or tomato juice (for skunk spray).
• Rubber gloves or tough gardening gloves.
• Forceps to remove stingers.
• Muzzle (a frightened animal may inadvertently bite).
• Several soft old towels.
• Pet carrier.

If you suspect you pet has consumed something toxic, call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: (888) 426-4435. There is a $60 consultation fee for this service; experts are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Want to do something about the threat to pets? Protect household animals from toxins by letting the FDA know that we need a new system of public health protections.

By Melissa Breyer, Senior Editor, Care2 Healthy and Green Living

Our Dog ate D-Con/Poison

Learn from my mistake-

The dogs and I went to Nana’s last Monday for a visit. We were all out in the garage and my chocolate lab, Kona, was in the corner by the door.  My sister (Nana) saw her and shouted “no!”  I ran over to find that she had eaten (some of) the exposed rat poison! D-con!  Nana had put it out when she went on vacation and knew she would not have anyone at the house. Unfortunately, she had gotten home the night (tired)- before we arrived and had not yet picked up the D-con.

To say the least, I FREAKED!  My brain swirled with anxiety because my precious child just ate poison!  I knew it could kill her….that is what it’s main intention is > to kill.  It is a horrible death…the D-Con contains chemicals to cause hemorrhaging and the animal bleeds to death….slowly dying.

I dashed in the house and phoned my Veterinarian.  I was 60 minutes away from home. They said, “take her into the emergency vet…NOW!”   I asked if I should help her throw up. They said, “no…don’t take the time and that the chemical reaction may not be right”. I dashed down the hill with Kona and took her in the office, they took her immediately and took her vitals. They asked if they could induce vomiting and start to treat her. YES!!!!  My heart was beating out of my chest.

The Vet came out and asked if I had the box, he wanted to read which chemicals were in the poison.  I said I could dash home and get it and that I better bring in my other dog, Andy.   ‘Better to be safe than sorry’ because he was smelling the pellets as Kona was gobbling them.

Returning and waiting while they were both getting treatment was NOT RELAXING! The Doc finally came into the waiting room and said, “you did the best thing; bringing them in right away.  If they were my dogs, I would not worry because we treated them quickly. They must take K1 pills for 30 days and have follow up blood tests.”. Apparently, Vitamin K1 helps to counter-act any poison that may have been absorbed in the system that could cause bleeding out.  I then asked him, “if I had not seen her eat the D-con, what type of symptoms would I have witnessed?”  He told me the dog would become lethargic and you will see blood coming out her eyes, ears, anus, and possible bruising. At that point, treatment involves transfusions and the dog is in a lot of pain.  Most probable….death.

All three Vets said that stuff should be taken off the shelf! and snail bait, too…that causes seizures! Throw it out.

Before I could recover from all this, they gave me the bill…. $665.00…Mama Mia!

WE do eat the best dog food! Not sure why we decided to munch on Rat Poison! Our advice: DON’T TRY IT!


Cat plays with such JOY-Maru the Silly Cat

we should all be this kind to animals. Watch it all the way through…it will make you laugh out loud! ENJOY….


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Rawhide chews vs Porkhide for Dogs

First, rawhide is largely indigestible. That’s right: indigestible. I have known a friend’s dog die right in front of her because of this deadly treat. I think they should be banned from the shelf.  The only thing that is good about it is that the whole animal is being used and not wasted for giving up their life.

Dogs have died or had serious complications requiring surgery from blockages
caused by rawhide pieces. Our Porkhide products, by comparison, are about
95% digestible, meaning that there’s very little waste. Also, our Porkhides
are made of layers of pork skin, and those layers come apart as the dog
chews. So there are never the big solid pieces that there are with rawhide.
Our Porkhides contain zero chemicals-no dyes, no preservatives, no bleaches.
Nothing but pork skin. Look at our Porkhide packages, you’ll see
that they are 93% protein. Rawhide mostly ends up as undigested pieces in
the back yard, and it has little or no nutrition at all.

Much rawhide is treated with dangerous chemicals-ash-lye solutions,
bleaches, etc. In theory, rawhide that says it’s made in the USA shouldn’t
be laced with chemicals, but there’s no way to know for sure. Many rawhide
products are actually from China. Don’t gamble with your pet’s digestive system.

Rawhide is made from beef.  As Dr Jane tells us (and as I saw on the news
just a week or two ago), there are cases of Mad Cow Disease in the US,
although they seem to be mostly concealed from us. At least we don’t often
hear about them. For that reason, Dr Jane doesn’t use any beef in any
products she formulates.

Finally, here’s what our Life’s Abundance websites say about Rawhide vs
Porkhide: “Rawhides are cured with harsh chemicals (like ash-lye solutions
and bleach) and are known to cause choking, throat irritations and
intestinal blockages.”

We have the porkhides and porky puffs. My dog LOVES them. Our food is fresh and has NEVER been on Recall!

Try our healthy treats for dental, breath and lowfat!

Flea and tick season-get a natural product

Please be “green” with your pet.  You can check out our Natural Cedar product that we carry. It’s harm-less to your pet. You can squirt it on their bedding, your rugs and your Pet. Smells good too. You can be confident you are treating your animal in a healthy way.
Never put a flea collar on your dog or cat. They are an irritant to the neck/body. Only put them INSIDE your Vacuum cleaner will kill any fleas that get Vacuumed up.


Ellen DeGeneres and MyPetFirst…LOVE animals!

Can’t wait … going to the taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show on Feb 20th!!! Should be a ton of fun. I love Ellen! Funny, honest and LOVES animals. One dream of mine is to be a regular (on Ellen) with a voice for animals that need to be rescued. For as many folks that watch her show and enjoy her personality….being on her show to educate about animals and show which pets are available for adoption is a dream of mine.

She is very involved with her pet food company. Making sure that feeding dogs and cats with a food high in nutrition is their priority. Moe and more people are finding out how poor some pet food can be.

Our food (and treats) that we sell, are HIGH quality and fresh when it gets delivered to your door. We care about the wellness of your pet. A healthy pet makes the pet happy and your family happy.

Life’s Abundance is committed to quality, balanced nutrition and fresh human grade food delivered to your door. Its important to know you are giving your dog or cat the healthiest food you an possibly get your hands on. You want to be confident and make it a “no-brainer”. Check it out and order it now, takes a few minutes and you will be happy you did. At the very least watch the video, “do you know what is in your Pet’s food?”

KONA LOVES HER L.A. Pet food and treats…..

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