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PUMPKIN for your Pet

Your dog or cat may be curious about the pumpkins sitting on your front porch. It’s already Halloween, and your pumpkin may be beautifully carved.  While it’s best your pet doesn’t eat that pumpkin, canned natural pumpkin (unsweetened – not pie filling), pumpkin seeds, and cooked fresh pumpkin have many benefits for dogs and cats. There is good reason that pumpkin is often a top ingredient in higher quality kibble. It can help with the following pet ailments:

1) Digestive Health: Pumpkin is a fabulous source of fiber for our furry friends, as well as for us. Pureed pumpkin (with no added sugar or spice) can help dogs and cats with both constipation and diarrhea. Adding a tablespoon or two (in proportion to their size) to their regular meal is known to help keep them regular. I have Labs, so anything is edible, and I’m sure they would eat it right out of the can if I allowed, but most cats are usually a little more finicky. It can also help dogs and cats with indigestion or upset stomachs.

2) Urinary Health: According to Veterinarians Laci and Jed Schaible, co-founders of, pumpkin seeds are high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants (good for overall healthy skin and fur), and the oils in pumpkins’ flesh and seeds are believed to support urinary health. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium and iron, and may even reduce the likelihood your pet will develop cancer.

3) Weight Loss: I’ve written about the dangers and commonality of pet obesity. Dogs seem to naturally love pumpkin. If you are looking to take a few pounds off of your pup or cat, try reducing a portion of their food and replace it with the same portion of canned pumpkin. Their tummy will feel just as full, and they might even thank you for the additional flavor.

I made and baked some great small treats with pumpkin for my pups and they LOVE them!

Blue and KonaEric LaPierre


Source: Lisa Spector is a concert pianist, Juilliard graduate, canine music expert, and local director of Camp Unleashed in California. By combining her passion for music with her love of dogs, she co-founded Through a Dog’s Ear, the first music clinically demonstrated to relieve anxiety issues in dogs. She shares her home and her heart with her two adorable “career change” Labrador Retrievers from Guide Dogs for the Blind, Sanchez and Gina…. And a bit ‘o Barb.

Amazing dog

Stray dog, Faith

Claudia Hoffmann writes:    My friend Eldad Hagar and his wife Audrey Spilker Hagar do such an amazing job helping stray animals. The videos bring awareness of what’s really out there. More abandoned and stray dogs than a lot of people dare to imagine.
You can pick up CAR LOADS of stray animals daily in LA and surrounding areas! PLEASE spay/neuter and micro chip your animals!
Just look at this video! Heartwarming and a happy ending!     Faith still needs a home.  Please share and support Hope for Paws!

Dog welfare program…you are making a difference!

I asked Sara how she came across Luna, her dog…(see my last blog)….this is what Sara wrote-Please read-and if you can send a few will make a HUGE difference! Sayulita-Their work is heart and soul!

“Last full moon night (August 30th) I drove home from Sayulita. I live 5 km from town. Just when I turned into the drive way I saw something black standing on the side of the highway. I stopped my car and got out to see what that black thing was. It was a dog. I immediately took food out of my car (I always keep dog food in the back), put some kibbles in my hand and slowly carefully approached the dog. He was careful, didn’t trust me at first and it took him a while to decide what to do. Finally he came up to me and started eating out of my hand. I put some more food in a bowl and put it on the ground away from the highway. I looked at him closely, it was a bright night and it broke my heart. I saw his jaw looked weird, I saw he was limping from his hind leg, I saw his fur was rough, I saw he was dripping wet as it had rained just before, I saw he was painfully thin……..overall he was the worst I have seen.

He ate and let me touch him. 
Because I have a pack of 4 dogs and one of them is aggressive I couldn’t take him home that night. I decided to put him in my car and in the morning I would bring him to the clinic and have the vet look at him.
So I carefully picked him up and carried him to my car. He didn’t like it but let me do it. He absolutely did not like being in the car and wanted to jump out. So I said to him: “ok buddy, I let you out, I put food for you here and you better stick around till the morning. Wait for me here and I will get you and we go to the vet!”
I drove off and saw him in the back mirror lying right there. I came to my house, turned on the light and……… saw that there were thousands of maggot-like insects growling all over me! I screamed at my dogs not to come close and went straight to the bathroom where I took a shower with my clothes on! It was gross and made me realize that the dog must be COVERED with these things but he didn’t even scratch himself. He is beyond that, he is like a Zombie dog.

Next morning came and he…..was NOT there. I looked for him but nothing.

The morning after he…..was THERE! I fed him and took some photos (one I sent to you) from that first meal. And then I saw all the insects that were living on him! Horrendous! I picked him up again and carried him to my car and off we went.
The vet and I gave him a bath which made me almost throw up and she checked him out.
He is old, he has no front teeth, his tongue is hanging at the side most times, he has a fractured leg or hip, he has erlichia and he is EXTREMELY sweet!

So now he lives at the clinic and I love him so very much. I named him Luna (even though he is a male) because I fist saw him at full moon.

I have been doing dog rescue for the last 3 1/2 years and it’s brutal work, Barbara. My heart is so broken and my soul so sad that I sometimes feel I can’t anymore. But I WILL! I won’t give up. It’s my passion and the dogs and cats are my very best friends.

Right now there are 5 starving dogs at the highway for whom I put food out. Four a female so as soon as they are fatter I will try to get them and have them spayed. They are very shy but with time I will win their trust.
Thank you for listening and thank you for your kind words, support and encouragement!

Yes, donations are coming in thanks to your efforts! Kimberley Clemens donated $15, Katie Hoffman $75 and Kim Kurylo $50 so far!   Click here to
It’s just wonderful!
 Big hugs back from the SA gang!

Here is a video on recent Pet Food Recall list-

Please watch this. It was very clear to me when Dr. Sarah from LIFE’S ABUNDANCE PET FOOD spoke about this. Made me feel more at ease and able to educate my loved ones that have cats and dogs. Also made me happy and relaxed that I am feeding my pets LIFE’S ABUNDANCE FOOD and treats.  Please share this with your friends.

Good (and bad) reasons to get a dog

Is a dog a good choice for your family? Think it through. Be a responsible pet parent.

Here are some good and bad reasons for choosing a dog as a pet for you and your family:

“Good” Reasons “Bad” Reasons
Companionship – Dogs are social animals that thrive on companionship with their family.  If you have the time to invest in a dog, the rewards are enormous.  On the other hand, if your lifestyle means that most days your dog will be left alone for long periods of time, a dog may not be the best pet choice. Impulse – Avoid the “doggie in the window” syndrome. Set yourself up for success by careful planning. Getting a dog is a life-changing decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Socialization – Dogs can be a bridge to contact with other people. Dogs require exercise and walking, and the required activity gets people out and about. For people living alone, a dog can increase the contact with the outside world while providing meaning and structure to one’s life. Intimidation of Neighbors or Strangers  – Dogs should never be used to intimidate those around someone. Backyard dogs or chained dogs are not really family pets. A whole range of behavioral issues can arise including territorial aggression, fears, other forms of aggression, and destructiveness to name just a few.
Regular Exercise – Walking, running, and bicycling are more fun with a buddy. A dog needs daily exercise. Along the way you can both stay fit! A Fashion Statement – Selecting a dog for personal reasons such as being able to dress it up, carry it around like a toy, and treating it like an accessory are not good reasons to get a dog. Toy, miniature and teacup breeds are dogs, not accessories. Likewise, large and impressive breeds of dogs should not be acquired for macho statements either.
Children – Children can learn great life skills such as compassion, responsibility, negotiation and patience by helping to care for a pet.  Realistic expectations will require parents to supervise the interactions of a dog and their children, but parents can set an example for their children. It is important to remember that parents are ultimately responsible for the care of the dog, but age appropriate tasks can be assigned. Marital or Family Difficulties – A dog will not solve interpersonal problems among family members. The dog is more likely to become an element of stress in such a household.
Companion for Your Existing Dog – Dogs are social creatures, and many dogs appreciate the presence of a companion dog. Sometimes two dogs can be easier and more fun than one. But, each dog is an individual, and if you are not sure your dog would like another canine, consult a professional for advice. Nagging Children – Adding a dog to the family is a major commitment of time and resources. Giving in to your children against your better judgment will be a mistake. Try getting your children involved in animal-themed activities instead, such as volunteering at a local shelter, so they can learn about the responsibilities of owning a dog.
Empty Home/Empty Heart – Your last dog has passed away. Without a canine companion, your house doesn’t feel like a home. A Surprise Gift – The commitment to care for a dog should never be made for someone else.  No matter how kind your intentions, give someone a dog only after frank and thorough discussion with the proposed recipient to be sure that the gift will be welcome and that they are involved in the selection process 100%.

RESOURCE: Association of pet Dog Trainers

Happy Valentine’s Day-Awesome LOVE stories of Dogs!!! Thank you

Protect California’s Homeless Animals! Governor Brown has proposed weakening of the Hayden Act

There are many of you who are experienced and knowledgeable about the dog rescue community and I’m interested to know if and how this proposal would impact San Francisco Animal Care and Control and Grateful Dogs Rescue if passed. (?) Help!!!!

In an attempt to reduce California’s deficit, Governor Brown has proposed a substantial weakening of the Hayden Act, including sections that require shelters to care for homeless and lost companion animals for up to six days before euthanizing them. This holding period is crucial to allowing lost dogs and cats to be reunited with their families or adopted when they are unclaimed or abandoned.

Protect California’s Homeless Animals!

Protect California's Homeless AnimalsIn an attempt to reduce California’s deficit, Governor Brown has proposed a substantial weakening of the Hayden Act, including sections that require shelters to care for homeless and lost companion animals for up to six days before euthanizing them. This holding period is crucial to allowing lost dogs and cats to be reunited with their families or adopted when they are unclaimed or abandoned.

While California continues to grapple with serious budget concerns, lifting the Hayden Act’s mandate for humane grace periods before euthanasia would be irresponsible and short-sighted. Nearly 500,000 animals are euthanized in California’s municipal animal shelters annually, and more than twice as many are impounded. These animals have REAL FACES! Puppies and cats!  Look at them….they TRULY get killed. This is Not just a Number.

Think about it…half a million animals in California, alone!  Sad!!! Don’t breed…please rescue!!!

Eliminating the holding period would put thousands more animals at risk of being euthanized and prevent many families from being reunited with their lost companion animals.

Please take a moment today to contact Governor Brown and your state legislators.  Urge them to oppose any legislation that will remove existing protections for homeless and lost companion animals.

Former State Senator Tom Hayden’s message to Governor Jerry Brown urges the Governor to leave intact the law he wrote in 1998. watch it, NOW! Contact Gov Brown!!!

California’s homeless animals are wholly reliant on us to stand and speak for them. Please speak out today! This action is available to California residents only.



I was in my vet’s office yesterday taking Kona for her annual check up and vaccinations. I was alerted by a sign they had at the front desk.  I really wanted to share this with you in case you buy these treats for your dog. lease pass this on to your friends with Pets. 

“FDA Warning for Dog Owners Regarding Chicken Jerky Products from China”

Since September 2007, veterinarians and dog owners around the nation have been reporting to the FDA in which chicken jerky dog treats, made in China, appear to be causing illness and death in dogs. An increased number of complaints have been noted in the past year (2011).

ANY…ANY….ANY….chicken jerky products for dogs manufactured in China. The chicken jerky is being sold as chicken tenders, strips and treats.  Products are being sold all over Los Angeles County and throughout the nation.  Often these products are purchased from Costco, Trader Joe’s or Pet Specialty Stores. Read your labels.

SYMPTOMS: *Decreased appetite, *decreased activity, *Vomiting, *Diarrhea, +/blood,  * Increased water consumption, * Increased Urination.

If your dog has these symptoms that are severe or last longer than 24 hours-  STOP FEEDING THE TREATS TO YOUR DOG!  Seek Help ASAP from your Veterinarian, save the product, the packaging and the receipt in case they need it for later.  If you live in Los Angeles County, report this 213-989-7060. All reports will be shared with FDA.

Give your dogs treats that (may cost more) but that you know they are safe and healthy! That the ingredients are from the USA and manufactured right here in the USA. Please, for your dog or cat’s health and well-being, read about Life’s Abundance food and it’s holistic formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks.


Walk with your dog, it’s a great way to bond

Dog Exercise: Walking, A Great Way To Keep Your Dog Fit and Happy

Did you know that your dog will become inactive, dull, and overweight if she is confined inside your home for long periods of time?

Not only that, but she is also likely to develop some type of behavioral problem like excessive barking or chewing, and will have a tendency to develop an aggressive, destructive behavior.

Exercise is not only important because it keeps your dog happy, but it is vital for your dog’s physical well-being, as well as her mental health.  Exercise is also an excellent approach for you to bond and spend some quality time with each other.   Exercising your dog has an added benefit for you personally as you are more apt to stay fit through active, heart-pumping activities.

Walking – A simple exercise that you and your dog can enjoy is walkingYour dog requires daily exercise, and walking is an excellent activity that both you and your canine friend can be a part of.

The slow, gentle movement of walking helps you and your dog in several ways:

  • tones the muscles
  • provides oxygen to the heart
  • beneficial to the lungs

If your dog is not used to walking or if she is a little overweight, start her off with a short 15 minute walk.       Slowly build up the pace as she gets accustomed to it.     If you are the type of person who loves to just go out for a walk and feel the breath of fresh air, then a daily walk of 1-2 miles may be all it takes to keep your dog fit. Keeping a dog fit and feeding them right makes you a responsible Pet parent.

Your dog will certainly love it, especially if you have one with a high level of energy. They are not “crazy”, they just need a walk. However, if you do not have the time for long walks, or maybe the idea of walking for 2 miles is simply not your idea of fun, then your dog will be just as happy if you can only take her for a quick walk around the block twice a day.  Tell us how you exercise your beloved pet.

Source: Dog Care Digest September 30, 2011     KONA LOVES THE BEACH

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